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Kathy and Tom Miller Family Foundation

The Kathy and Tom Miller Family Foundation invests time and financial contributions to various charities around the State of Minnesota. The goal of the foundation is to give to causes to help them continue to serve those in need.

Miller Park in Eden Prairie, Minnesota

TE Miller is also a family office and with the help of the private family foundation and numerous donors, the Miller family was able to help raise enough money to create Miller Park Playground, a barrier-free playground in Eden Prairie, MN. The idea for the barrier-free park came from, Mike and Jenny Garvin, who were looking for a park where their daughter Ashley, who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, could play alongside other children her age, including her siblings. Miller Park Barrier-Free Playground features accessible pathways and surface structures, and gives non-mobile children and adults the opportunity to reach all levels of the play structure. The design allows children with physical challenges the opportunity to play alongside their peers.

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